Our Team

The professional staff at Consumer Health Labs have over 30 years of combined experience in the health field. Here’s a little more information about the people who make CHL what it is today.

Alan Kim, Director of R&D

With over two decades of experience in child development & genetic research, Alan cultivates and oversees all projects with passion and a keen eye for detail. His devotion to ethics, quality control, and consumer advocacy continue to shape the unique methodology of research at Consumer Health Labs.

Whitney Sturm, Assistant Director of R&D

Whitney’s background in pharmaceutical statistics is a strong asset to our research. Her favorite part of the research process is need-finding, when limited sources implicate a hypothesis that she has the opportunity to prove correct. Whitney is driven and inspired by the autistic youth she regularly volunteers with.

Jennifer Dudek, Director of Client Services

Formerly an outpatient services manager, Jennifer Dudek is an expert on HIPAA, coding, insurance, and client relationships. Jennifer has a hand in all daily operations including laboratory equipment management, personnel scheduling, client communications, and more.

Charlotte Wright, Community Outreach Specialist

Charlotte’s social and library science expertise go to task every day at Consumer Health Labs. She’s our community liaison and a cataloguing powerhouse. When she’s not assisting our researchers with resource discovery, she develops outreach strategies that go above and beyond the call of duty to connect the health community.

Emily Nguyen, Partnership Coordination Manager & Community Outreach Specialist

Emily Nguyen is a pre-med student with an uncanny knack for grassroots networking and resource discovery. She hopes to one day work in the public sector to instigate positive policy changes; until then, Emily plans to sharpen her skills as a valuable contributor to consumer health data.