Our Methods

Our investigative drive and commitment to consumer health ultimately govern our high standards and integrity in all aspects of research and development. Our processes set us apart from other research laboratories, so what is our method?

Case Studies Fueled By Consumer Need

We seek out new opportunities for unique study and take action prior to funding, which we believe keeps our data from the vulnerabilities of commercial bias. By using a proprietary need-finding procedure, we are able to locate trends and identify subsequent gaps in available data far more quickly than agenda-based research.

Resource Discovery for Resource Creation

A significant portion of our research consists of discovering new resources through archived academic webpages, reaching out to health professionals, engaging with health advisors in communities and universities, and locating statistics for explicit and implicit relevance factors.

Only Authorized Sources Can Give Sanctioned Results

Our high ethical standards prevent us from referencing questionable or unqualified sources. We use only legitimate and credible sources of data for our work. We feel that anything less than rigorous due diligence in our research methods means we have failed to rise above the status quo as researchers.