Research Areas

We are dedicated to equipping consumers and clients with conclusive health data. Our expertise in the health industry lies mostly within the following categories:

Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery
Addiction and substance abuse is a constantly evolving problem that many world cultures are faced with. It’s important to understand and educate the public on the connections between substance abuse and long-term consequences.

Aging & Geriatric Wellness
Improving the quality of life for seniors is a crucial element to measure a modern society by. Senior nutrition, fitness, preventative medicine, and life expectancy trends are some of our topics of focus concerning aging and wellness.

Pediatrics & Child Development
Our pediatric and child development research spans from infant nutrition to adolescent psychology and many subjects in-between. This highly-specialized field demands intensive research and collaboration with health scholars, international organizations, or both.

Autism & Neurodevelopment Disorders
So much is unknown about neurodevelopment disorders on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) scale. Discerning the pathophysiological and neurophysiological development of ASDs is a passionate research area for us.

Cancer: Genetics, Risk Factors, and Prevention
It is estimated that over 40% of individuals born today will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetimes. It is more urgent than ever to understand the causes, risks, and early symptoms of cancer in order to develop more effective prevention methods.

Public Health: Insurance & Socio-Economics
By studying the correlation between insurance and preventative care, we enable ourselves as citizens and consumers to avert preventable illness and injury and impede the spread of communicable disease.