Our Philosophy

We live in a world of sensationalism, even in the health sector. It’s one of the few unhealthy manifestations of our information culture in the golden age of the internet. We are often presented with narrow and unfocused information, such as anecdotes or worst-case scenarios, where legitimate sources and untapped resources are obscured by overemphasis or sheer inaccessibility. We need to change.

Consumer Health Labs works hard to bridge the gap between consumer and expert. All it takes is curiosity, initiative, and time. Our team has developed a highly-effective research method that funnels a village of experts and data sets into the creation of a united and authoritative resource. Some of our clients include non-profit organizations, treatment centers, and for-profit consortiums.

We believe:

  • Healthy communities start with accurate & available information
  • In resource discovery & pioneering new methods of data retrieval
  • In the significance of studying relationships between connected concepts
  • In exploring implications

Would you like to find out more about Consumer Health Labs? Please see our Research Areas or Our Services for additional information about our work.